Friday, September 28, 2012

The Amazing Elliptical

As we all know, exercise is important. Determining the right kind of exercise for you can be a very personal and individual thing. As we noted in yesterday's article on jumping rope, some people are not able to do the traditional on-your-back abdominal work due to back problems, etc., and jumping rope can be a great alternative for some amazing ab work.

For some, the repeated pounding from every footfall of a walking, jogging, running, or aerobic routine can be difficult to tolerate. It can also cause knee problems down the road if you are a serious, consistent exerciser. The alternative to hard-to-tolerate high (or low) impact exercise, is  no-impact exercise. 

My first experience with the elliptical machine was several years ago toward the end of a pregnancy. Our family joined the local YMCA, and it didn't take long for me to be absolutely in love with the elliptical machine! Those days I got my cardio exercise dividing my time between the treadmill and the elliptical, as well as sometimes getting on the stationary bike.

The elliptical became a very important cardio machine to me the last few weeks, even days, of my pregnancy, because it allowed me to continue extremely vigorous exercise, with no impact, even until the day before the baby was born. Normally at 9 months pregnant, it is very difficult to get good cardio exercise. But I will never forget how amazing it felt to step on the elliptical with my huge belly, and work myself until sweat was everywhere. I didn't feel that awkward, waddling feeling at all--until I got off and started walking again, of course.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week. An elliptical trainer allows you to control the intensity of your workout. If you are short on time, the elliptical is a great way to get that vigorous exercise, cutting your cardio in half! Start out moderate and work your way to vigorous--if you're dedicated, it won't take long before you will have to have that hand towel on hand to wipe the sweat off your face several times during your workout!

An elliptical workout will help to strengthen your heart, condition your body, burn lots of calories, and help you lose body fat fast. And while it is no replacement for strength training, a good elliptical workout will help you strengthen your muscles and build endurance.

So check it out! It may take some getting used to, but it won't take long for you to fall in love with a good elliptical workout!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Not last night but the night before...

...24 robbers came knocking at my door!"

It's been quite a few years since I hammered it out on the playground with a jump rope and a group of friends, all chanting those silly little rhymes that go along with jumping rope.

But jumping rope is not just for kids! It is a great, convenient, and inexpensive way to get a fantastic cardio workout. And while jumping rope is a fun activity for children, it can also be a vigorous training tool for the toughest of athletes. In his article Jumping Rope For Fitness, certified personal trainer Jason Anderson tells us that

For years, top athletes have been using the rope to condition for their sports. Boxers probably come to mind. But with other well-known jumpers like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (basketball), Arnold Schwarzenegger (bodybuilding), Jerry Rice (football), or Michael Chang (tennis) joining in, jumping rope is certainly not for “girly men!”

There are several reasons why jumping rope is a great cardio option.

It is an inexpensive workout. A jump rope is probably the cheapest cardio exercise tool you can buy. Even if you want a more advanced, weighted rope, the most expensive jump rope should be right around $30.

You can jump rope almost anywhere. As long as the ceiling is high enough and the floor is clear, you should be able to jump rope at home, in the back yard, in the garage, or on the go! A jump rope weighs very little and is easy to pack in your suitcase. With a jump rope, your workout does not have to depend on the weather! Rainy day, can't go running? Grab your jump rope and go for it indoors.

It will work your whole body. When you jump rope, your legs do the jumping and your arms turn the rope--great way to keep both upper and lower body busy! Your arms get an especially good workout with a weighted jump rope. It really works the calf muscles. And believe it or not, jumping rope is a great way to get ripped abs! I know several people who deal with back issues, making it difficult to do sit ups, crunches, or other ab exercises. Even if you do get the traditional ab work, how great is it to have more of it built in to your cardio routine?

Jumping rope burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time. And you can do it with your kids, combining cardio exercise and quality time with your family. 

So whether you are alone with some music, or with your kids in the back yard, grab that jump rope and start sweating!

Ice cream soda, lemonade punch. 
Tell me the name of your honey bunch...
A! B! C! D!...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Working In a Work Out

I used to be a school teacher. I was young, single, and busy. I'd get up super early to get ready for the half hour drive to work, then I'd work all day, and come home just in time to get ready for the social life. I had a lot of time to exercise during the summer, but during the school year it was very easy to make excuses. Let's face it, it was hard to find time to work in a work out! There were times when I'd be determined, and get up an extra hour and a half early to exercise, and let me tell you--those were the times I felt the best. I was healthier, more active, had better self-esteem, and I just enjoyed life a lot more.

Now I'm a stay-at-home mom with 5 kids, and believe it or not, life is busier for me now than it was when I worked. Again I struggle with having the discipline to get up early in the morning to work out, so that I can actually get something done without kids under my feet, or climbing on me during my floor work. My husband leaves for work very early, and I have a couple of little ones who do not handle child care in a gym. Believe me, I tried it. So for me, it's work out at home, super early, or not at all.

Whether your life is centered around a career, a family, or both, let's face it--it's not always easy to work in a workout! But we all need it.

At LifeSweat, the goal is to help you get what you need to be able to work in those work outs. Make some space in your home for some quality workout equipment, and make some room in your life for some serious sweat!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Choose Life!

Exercise. It's what breathes life into each and every one of us. There is just something so exhilarating about finishing a killer workout, strength training or on a cardio machine, or whatever your exercising pleasure, sweat dripping off your face. Nothing compares to that feeling of being so alive, so healthy.

Exercise is great for weight loss. Got some extra baby weight, or some love handles that grew while you sat in your cubicle or fancy office, typing away at your computer? Exercise is a number one way to help that flab to melt away. But the benefits of exercise far exceed burning calories and fat...

According to the Mayo Clinic, in addition to helping control weight, exercise combats health conditions and diseases, improves your mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, puts the spark back in your sex life, and can be just plain fun. (For more information, see this article).

Who couldn't use these awesome benefits? Male or female, rich or poor, fat or thin, old or young--exercise is good for everyone!

So get out there and choose exercise. Choose life!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Let the Sweat Begin

I am excited to welcome you to Life Sweat, and to announce the Grand Opening of my new on-line store,

So what is so great about Life Sweat? 

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